Foreign Language Academy Mumbai

Teaching International Manners

Many times we need to make business trips overseas. We are judged by foreigners by our manners, attire and how we carry ourselves in business situation. Its the first impression we create noticeably, or involuntarily. 

Several things are taboo in different countries/ cultures across the world. People expect us to know some of those. It conveys the message that this person is really interested in making a deal and has  done his homework beforehand.


Situation / Country 

  • Etiquette to be followed in various situations differ according to the country you visit. 
  • We prepare working executives/ managers travelling abroad giving them customized set of Do's and Don'ts estimating the situations might take place after hearing your general plan/ itinerary.
  • We prepare a complete package alerts you not to speak on sensitive issue that might make the person you meet in foreign land uncomfortable
  • We also prepare set of warnings to be safe and make your trip successful and enjoyable avoiding unpleasant situations


Attire / Gestures

  • There are some gestures and attires in some cultures/countries that give very wrong impression to locals.
  • If we do certain things being unnoticed about might hurt feelings, your deal could be off for non business related reasons. 
  • We ensure that you are projected as person fits in the country you are visiting by suggesting attire for the occasion.
  • We guide you to do the shopping for suitable attire for the occasion.