Foreign Language Academy Mumbai

Children's Classes

Did you Know . . ?

Children who learn a foreign language:

— perform significantly better in standardized tests of English and mathematics
— develop sensitivity and an affinity for people of different races and cultures
— are more likely to develop a good self-image

The earlier in life one begins to learn a foreign language, the easier it is and the better chance one has to attain a native-like accent.

People who develop fluency in one or more foreign languages significantly increase the number and quality of employment opportunities.

By the time European and Asian children have finished their secondary education, they have learned to speak at least two foreign languages.  Your children can get a head start on their language studies today in classes that can be arranged at our school, at their school, or even in their homes.  Our Indian children must be ready to compete in future job markets with people from countries where the requirements for any commercial position include fluency in several languages.


We offer:

Group Classes for Children:  Depending on the age, the classes are 45 minutes or 1 hour, in the afternoons or during the weekends.  These classes can be arranged at their school, in the home of one of the children, or at our school.



Private and Semi-Private Lessons: One or two children receive more intensive instruction on a schedule convenient for them. This includes tutoring.

If your child is enrolled in a language class in High School or College, tutoring will help him/her to get better grades and excel in that class.