Foreign Language Academy Mumbai

Active Japanese basic Grammar

Can you read much of the menu at a restaurant and grasp the main points of a simple advertisement or poster with the help of Furigana (Hiragana pronunciations written above Kanji)? Can you understand the story of a children's book that uses little or no Kanji?

Master the conjugated forms and important expressions that form the core of Japanese grammar all at once.

Conjugated forms that are the basis of all Japanese expressions are introduced together with important expressions. This class will allow you to conjugate them simply and actively. Through comprehensive training, your Japanese vocabulary and ability to apply it will increase at once.

Upper Elementary Japanese

Recommended Audience

Students who
- can use Japanese verbs and adjectives in the “-desu, -masu” form.
- feel they cannot apply the conjugations of verbs and adjectives well in conversation.
- wish to increase the number of variations of Japanese expressions they know in a short time.


Student’s comment

“This course is very comprehensive. It is not possible for me to keep everything in my mind, but I can easily pick up the things which are useful for my every day life in Japan and talking to my Japanese friends. For example, I became able to use the -te/de form, dictionary form in a conversation freely.