Foreign Language Academy Mumbai

Executive courses for business, professionals

For all those who need to develop fluent language skills for frequent use within a business and professional environment.

Your specific language goals

  • to hold informal conversations with business colleagues
  • to take part in business discussions in French
  • to make a presentation, a speech
  • to conduct meetings and negotiations in French
  • to talk with confidence on the telephone
  • to write accurate and informative reports, letters, emails


What do you learn?

  • Applying for a membership card at a library. Learning the passé composes and imperfect tenses.

  • Booking a room in a hotel.

  • Booking tickets for a movie.

  • Being able to read and understand simple texts of daily life such as notice boards, informal mails, invitation cards, restaurant menus.

  • Asking for directions.

  • Placing an order in a restaurant or café.

  • Adjectives to describe physical characteristics.
  • Numbers, days of the week, months of the year.
  • Professions, common objects, definite and indefinite articles


Course Contents:

  • Se presenter ( introducing yourself), the French alphabet and learning to spell names.

  • Countries, prepositions used with countries and nationalities, describing others.

  • The verbs avoir and etre. Reinforcing their usage. Prepositions of place.

  • Some common Er verbs, the verbs aimer and detester. Forming negative and interrogative sentences. 

  • The verb faire with activities, talking about animals and pets and food preferences using aimer.

  • Portative articles with food and contracted articles, colours, seasons, festivals in each season.

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