Foreign Language Academy Mumbai

Professional Help for Homework, Assignments

We all know that our education systems and tedious homework may not always ensure illustrative future career or development of our kids. But kids have to follow the rules and regulations of schools. We can help your kids completing their homework in time while ensuring they are still learning the skill required to complete it.

Children are overburdened with schoolwork. Teachers are in a rush to complete the syllabus. So they ask students to do half the coursework at home as ‘holiday homework’. This service is to ensure that the student is not ‘overburdened’and a fight against meaningless aspects of classical education systems which do not help children in their future professional life.

Is your kid facing long assignment list? Do you have change your holiday plans as your kids cannot complete the summer vacation homework in time? We can offer professional help!! comes equipped with a multitude of college degrees: M.Sc., B.Ed., M.Ed. WE have  “well-educated people across the country” working for us. Once I commit to a project, you can consider it done.  Most of our staff are retired teachers.


School / College Project

Please send an email stating the child’s class and syllabus, and we can discuss the cost. We take half of the amount as advance and the rest after we complete half the job. We have helped students in project models like electricity generation, mobile charger, solar systems, futuristic rickshaw, echo-car.  


Assignments & Presenations

Are you too busy in your life to prepare professional quality presentations?

We can help you completing assignments and presentations for your college or company that comprises the usual documentation and power-point presentations, press releases, manuals , technical design documents for software projects.