Foreign Language Academy Mumbai

Learning to do the global business

For learning a foreign language to do business, there are full fledged language schools. We offer are basic and advanced courses. One can learn different phrases necessary to do business. There are software companies hiring services of translators, teachers, and voice trainers (for pronunciation). Translators are proficient in doing translations of technical terms. In India foreign language translator can do multiple jobs. After attending the courses and following up your studies , you may get a good paying job in a company that deals with overseas clients. Kaizen Linguistics offer courses in Spanish, German, French and Arabic. Many corporates from various domains send their executives for training in centers for bilingual studies.


Communicating with native investors

To understand the perspective of an overseas client being serviced one has to know about his requirements preferably also communicate in his preferred language also. The foreign language requirement now has changed with foreign investment in the country. Not all foreigners know English. And if a business potential has to be tapped in non-English speaking countries then one has to learn local language or dialect. Business between two individuals becomes easier when it is bilingual. With better understanding there is no room for gaffes and problems.


Increase your source of income

As job opportunities increase for all types of people, the demand for teaching also has increased. Some students also go for online studies that help them to learn a language. Our classes not only teach the grammar but also give adequate information on history and culture of thecountry. Regular film shows and cultural activities are organized to increase the ability to converse confidently.