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Japanese conversation for Intermediate to Advanced level – Japanese Explanation Training

Can you understand everyday dialogues between two native Japanese speakers? Can you catch the main points of news concerning current affairs if delivered slowly and deliberately? Can you comprehend the general idea of a simple speech when structured very clearly?

Can you understand almost all of entertainment like television shows and movies? Can you understand most of the news on television but perhaps have a little more difficulty with radio broadcasts? Can you follow lengthy speeches provided the subject is somewhat familiar and does not use a lot of technical or field-specific vocabulary?

Improve your explanation skills!

This innovative training explanation class will empower intermediate students to be able to summarize their point in a more concise manner. Out-put focused effective Japanese conversation classes for intermediateto advanced level Japanese learners to improve their speaking and vocabulary.

Intermediate Japanese

Course contents

1. Brainstorm / Find key words
Come up with your own idea and learn new expressions to explain your topic.

2. Practice
Practice the new expressions in a sentence variety of ways until you’re confident.

3. Role play
Use the expressions you have learnt and present your ideas.


Topics examples

Compare 2 things :  Mac vs Windows
Explain why something is/isn’t necessary: Sports Gym, JLPT
Make a prediction-explain your reasons:  Japanese society,  Job market
Explain a procedure :  Get visa, how to make an application.