Foreign Language Academy Mumbai

Pre-intermediate – Japanese for Communication

Can you understand everyday dialogues between two native Japanese speakers? Can you catch the main points of news concerning current affairs if delivered slowly and deliberately? Can you comprehend the general idea of a simple speech when structured very clearly?

Making Daily Communication Natural and Fluent
Not just Questions and Answers. You can enjoy conversation for over 30 minutes!

Pre-Intermediate-Japanese Coomunication

Course contents

1. Topic familiarization and introduction of phrases

Elementary sentence patterns and natural expressions are introduced and practiced without the use of a textbook.

 2. Expansion practice
Not just asking questions, but looking athow to respond to the answers and comment on other peoples’ opinions todeepen the conversation.

3. Role play
Build up longer conversations by using the patterns you have studied in parts 1 and 2. Expand or change the topics as you want; lead the conversation!


topic examples

– work
– where you live
– likes and interests
– free time
– travel experiences
– relationship
– talk about your childhood