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Intermediate – JLPT N3 grammar and Conversation

Can you read and understand most of the contents of a personal letter if familiar with background details? Can you gain some knowledge on an unfamiliar subject by reading a simple explanation in Japanese?

Can you learn the meaning of new vocabulary by seeing a definition written in Japanese without a translation? Can you read editorials and gain a fairly firm grasp on the reader's opinions and reasoning?

Learn natural conversational expressions with Nihongo Plus ” JLPT N3 grammar and and conversation”!

Intermediate Japanese

Course contents

In addition to being the perfect preparation class for the exam, you can also gain strong communication skills in this class.
Let’s get started with one step above natural expressions.


Recommended audience

People who would like to get ready for the N3 exam, but also would like to gain solid communication skills.
People who would like to learn frequently used natural Japanese expressions.