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Mock Interview, Group Discussion Simulations

Interviews are the final frontier you have to conquer before earning a top job. If you can’t impress interviewer with your stories of leadership and teamwork, and if you can’t explain case studies and demonstrate your business acumen, you won’t get selected.

We have helped hundreds of undergraduates, graduate students, and experienced professionals to prepare for interviews. You have different interview options. You will have the focused practice, the specific questions, and the detailed feedback that we provide. We’ll share the secrets behind how interviewers evaluate your performance, and the specific traits they look for in responses.

Our mock interview service that will improve your communication skills, responses, and ability to present best fitting case studies for the position.


GD, PI Coaching

Already cracked the entrance exams? 

What next ? 

We offer you our expertise to help you tackle Group Discussion and Personal Interview to get in to top Business Schools.  We guide you about 

1. How to prepare and present yourself in a positive manner in Group Discussions and Personal Interview rounds of MBA Admissions. 

2. How to Improve your Personal Interview Skills for MBA interviews.

3. Improve your body language to create a good impression.


Consultation Parent's Interview for Kid's School Admission 

Are you spending sleepless nights preparing for the preschool interview? If you want your child to be in the top school, you need to do a small research by talking to the parents of older children. We can help you understand the kind of questions which are asked to parents during preschool interview.

Top schools are looking for bright individuals to become their students and we can help you to project your child as best candidate. 

We can also find episodes in your child's life and observations that you can present to school authorities.