Foreign Language Academy Mumbai

Practical Japanese for beginners

Can you understand spoken phrases concerning very basic information on topics such as family, likes and dislikes, time, and schedule when recited slowly? Can you catch the overall gist of brief and clear announcements?

Learn how to comfortably get around using Japanese

Practice talking in a variety of everyday situations such as self-introductions, at the restaurant, small-talk, asking permission to do something and so on.

Beginner's Japanese

Course Outline

1.Key phrases preparation
Practice different phrases until you can say them confidently and naturally.

2. Conversation practice
Master the natural flow of conversation by practicing questions and answers used in actual Japanese conversation.

3. Listening and role play
Reinforce what you have been learning by listening to extracts tailored to the situation and role play your own conversation.


Topic examples

Introducing yourself
Convenience stores and restaurants
Asking permission
Talking about impressions
Socializing- Making small talk