Foreign Language Academy Mumbai

Intermediate /Advanced – Read and Talk about current issues in Japanese

Can you understand news broadcasts even without visual aids? Can you pick up on the meaning of slang with little explanation fairly quickly? Can you make sense of different native Japanese dialects with little difficulty?

Oral expression corresponds to your capacity to convey information, ideas, and preferences through spoken word. Speaking is often the second skill to develop in Japanese, as grammatical rules have few exceptions and therefore the flow from idea to expression is relatively painless and requires less concern for conjugations and no changes to accommodate plurals or masculine and feminine words.

Can you express your opinions spontaneously without too much searching for appropriate vocabulary? Can you confidently contribute ideas effectively and concisely to a group of native speakers?

One of the key areas for intermediate level students of Japanese to progress is to improve their vocabulary.

Advanced Japanese

Read and Talk about current issues in Japanese

You can do this by speaking on and reading about a variety of topics.
In our ‘learning from the news’ class, each time we choose a different article to read, explain and discuss in order to get to the core of the story


Target Audience

This class is recommended for those people looking to become more adept at explaining their opinions and wanting to improve their vocabulary andconversation skills.