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Spanish Language Classes in Mumbai

Learning Spanish is a sensational and exciting phase in your life. With the guidance of a good teacher, you will be speaking Spanish comfortably. You will need to ascertain your liking for languages to commence a long term course. Learning any foreign language means you will need to work hard.

If traveling to your office and home takes a lot of time, it is best to find a class that is close to your residence, so that you can learn and then take off to your office. Most people learn Spanish with a passion but what is really required is the hard work.

As far as learning Spanish language is considered; it is the second most studied foreign language with the top most position secured by English. Foreign language students of India also prefer learning Spanish above learning German and French for enhancing their employ ability with the global players. Multinational companies having their offices in Spain and Spanish speaking nations readily absorb Spanish-speaking students. Back at home,they find Spanish teacher jobs in India, easily.


Learning Pace

If you are learning something after a long time, you will need to allocate your time perfectly well.

 Time management will surely be a need as you will need to allot time for classes and extra practice classes for enhanced learning.  

You can avail of weekend classes or classes distributed for an hour, thrice a week, which is also an added convenience.

Spanish through Football

Football is, by far the most popular game being watched on TV in Mumbai and La Liga - Spanish premier league show cases the best talent on the planet. But compared to EPL, La Liga has very less content is available on internet in English. our 'Spanish with Soccer' would expand your horizons of Football content. You can converse with your Kaizen Classmate in Spanish which will increase your language skill and learning Spanish will be enjoyment!!  


Spanish language Popularity

  • Recent reports confirm an association between Indian government and the Government of Spain, which will open new avenues for Spanish-speaking students, teachers and professionals. 
  • Spanish language is not a newly emerging language. The history of the Spanish language dates back to as old as ninth century. 
  • The fact that more than 500 million people speak Spanish language across 20 countries reinforces the popularity of Spanish language. 
  • Interestingly, it is one of the six official languages used at United Nations and is the second most widely spoken native language in the world, lead by Mandarin Chinese. Spanish language websites rank third after English and Mandarin language websites.