Foreign Language Academy Mumbai

Standard Practices of our Methodolgy

At KaizenLinguistics , we follow a customized approach to learning.

We  identify the specific  needs of our students and then modify our teaching approach  accordingly to achieve those goals.

  • ’Interactive’ Teaching - Students learn more by interaction in classes.
  • Use books only as an outline for lessons - Conduct lessons orally.
  • ‘Scenario Based Teaching’ - Teach structure through functional situations.
  • ‘Conducive Learning Environment’ – Encourage our students to question.
  • Teach useful structures rather than just vocabulary.
  • Use the target language as the only conversation medium to improve ‘Conversational Skills’
  • Cater to the needs of students.
  • Use real world examples and not bookish theories.
  • Use Audio-Video Aids to introduce cultural aspects of the language 


Keepingin view the practical use of foreign languages in India, Kaizen Linguisticsfocuses on the conversational aspect – listening and speaking. We believe thatin improving their oral communication or speaking skills we build confidence inthe student to use the language and further encourage him/her to developreading and writing skills as well. In addition, we also provide our studentswith the necessary working knowledge of the corporate communication instruments– email writing


In class the students learn by speaking and listening. They are encouraged to participate in ‘real life’ activities, role-plays and discussions where they are required to speak and listen to their colleagues and instructor. This gives them a chance to apply what they are learning and prepares them to face similar situations in the real world, confidently. The KAIZEN LINGUISTICS method is also significantly different from the lecture method since most of the class time is spent by the students speaking in the target language.