Foreign Language Academy Mumbai

Transcription Services & Transliteration services

TranslationMumbai Transcription service expertise includes the following

  • Business transcriptions (meetings, seminars, conferences)
  • Interview transcriptions (one-on-one, multi-speaker)
  • Medical transcriptions (clinical research, appointments)
  • Legal transcriptions (court, hearings)


Features of our services

  • We are available Mon to Sat 9 am to 6 pm IST
  • It is a one stop solution for all quality translation services
  • TranslationMumbai has a proper set up of experienced and proficient translators who ensure the clear accurate translation of any type of documentation
  • The well formatted and electronically typeset documents are submitted as per clients' specifications
  • All related Industries

    We provide transcription of audio of languages carried out through native speakers.

    Transcription of technical subjects like transcriptions of advertisements, medical conference speeches, interviews and verbal questionnaires is done through the usage of from CDs, audio, video cassettes. We offer quality, accurate Transliteration and transcription services.

    We also provide Transliteration Services- the practice of converting a text from one writing system into another in a systematic way.